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Whether you're looking for a custom house design or a set of drawings for a renovation or want to make changes to a set of our plans you just bought, please book a meeting below and we can discuss it in more detail.


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  • Can I customize plans?
    Yes, we offer customization options for our house plans. You can choose from various package options or inquire about custom design work by filling out our questionnaire.
  • How do I order?
    To order a house plan, simply browse our selection and choose the package that suits your needs. Add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
  • What is included?
    Each house plan package includes detailed architectural drawings, floor plans, and elevations. Some packages may also include additional features such as 3D renderings or material lists. Please refer to the specific package details for more information.
  • What's your refund policy?
    As these are digital assets you receive immediately upon purchase I can't offer refunds. If you have questions about what's included, please reach out to prior to purchasing so I can answer your queries.
  • How will I receive the assets?
    You'll receive immediate access to download the plan set digitally (PDF). If you choose you can use the PDF to print hardcopies per the license agreement but no hardcopies will be sent to you from Slate Drafting. These will print to scale on Architectural D-sized sheets (36" wide x 24" tall).
  • What units are the plans dimensioned in?
    As I work in the United States, I use the Imperial system (feet-inches) to dimension the plan set.
  • Can I build more than one home from these plans?
    No, the license agreement prohibits this. Please see the license agreement linked above for the full terms.
  • Will I receive the CAD files too?
    No. The drawing set is delivered as a downloadable PDF, the CAD files are intellectual property retained by Slate Drafting and not available for purchase.
  • Does it include plumbing drawings/fixture schedule?
    Plumbing fixture types are shown on the plans, but the set doesn't include rough-in locations or fixture selections. If you'd like help selecting appropriate fixtures, Slate Drafting can be hired on an hourly basis (studio workload permitting) to aid in the selection process. Plumbing runs and rough-in will be influenced by local codes and must be coordinated with the structural design. As such, these decisions are to be coordinated with local subcontractors.
  • Does it include electrical drawings?
    No, exact fixtures are to be confirmed and selected by you to suit your taste and coordinated with your electrician.
  • How about energy efficiency?
    To keep things affordable, the drawing sets have been designed to meet US energy codes as a minimum standard. However, the wall systems can be upgraded and adapted to your local climate and this includes increasing the insulation and air-sealing components to meet your individual efficiency needs. Following the mantra: build tight, insulate right will go a long way to ensuring your project is an efficient, comfortable home to live in.
  • Can I copy these plans
    No, except: you are able to distribute the plans to Contractors + Subcontractors, so that they’re able to price and build your home, but you can’t freely distribute it to others to construct their homes too. The plans are licensed for use in constructing one home. Purchasing the plans means you're bound to the licensing terms, which spell reproduction rights out in more detail. I retain the copyrights for the plans but allow you to use them for the duration of the project.
  • What if I want to change something?
    I suggest working with a local draftsperson or contractor to make minor modifications as my current studio workload + waitlist prohibit me from doing any customization work.
  • Are you available during construction to answer questions?
    I’d be happy to consult with you - at my current hourly rate ($150/hour) - to guide any remaining decisions you might need to make or walk you through some of the details. Contact me via email to schedule a time to talk.
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