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License Agreement

This License Agreement is made by and between Section3300, LLC, doing business as Slate Drafting ("Licensor"), and the purchaser ("Licensee"). The Licensor assumes no liability for any structure that may be built from the provided plans. The Licensee is responsible for adhering to the following terms before construction begins.


1. The provided plans ("Plans") are the property of Section3300, LLC d/b/a Slate Drafting and are protected under Federal Copyright Laws. Unauthorized use, duplication, publication, sale, or distribution of any part of these Plans without prior written consent from Section3300, LLC is a violation of Federal Laws, subject to penalties.

2. The purchase and download of any PDF plan package grants the Licensee the right to use the documents to construct a single home. This purchase allows the duplication of prints solely for this purpose. All rights of ownership, title, and interest in the copyrights and plans, including any modifications or derivatives, remain with Section3300, LLC. The license to use the Plans ends upon the house's completion (occupancy). The Plans are not transferable to a third party, meaning they cannot be sold if the house is not built.

3. Use or modifications of the Plans by Licensee, builders, or others are at their own risk. The Licensee must have the Plans reviewed by a local professional architect or engineer before construction. The Plans are intended to show design intent and basic construction detailing. It is the builder's responsibility to ensure the construction is structurally sound and weatherproof.


1. The Plans do not include detailed electrical, plumbing, heating, or air conditioning drawings due to the variety of local codes and climatic conditions. The Licensee is responsible for obtaining these details from local professionals as required for permits and construction. The foundation plan is a basic guide and may need review and modification by a local architect or licensed engineer for site-specific requirements.

2. The Plans offer ideas and concepts and are not to be considered complete in all respects. Variations in materials, sizes, and codes may necessitate changes.

3. No alterations to structural components are permitted without written approval from a local structural engineer.

4. The Licensee is responsible for connecting all utilities and ensuring that all equipment functions properly upon completion.

5. Specifications and materials must meet manufacturer's standards and be installed according to their specifications.

6. In case of discrepancies between written words and drawings or between different scales of drawings, the most stringent requirements will prevail.

7. The Licensee must include all necessary details for proper construction, even if not specified or indicated in the Plans.

8. All architectural drawings and notes are complementary and binding.

9. No deviation from the Plans is allowed without written authorization from the Owner.

10. Dimensions are specified to the face of stud or centerline unless noted otherwise.

11. Door and window details are provided in the schedules, with dimensions to centerlines unless noted otherwise.


1. The builder must ensure all work complies with the latest National, State, and Local Building Codes, applying best practices and adhering to all relevant construction standards.

2. The builder must follow manufacturer instructions for all materials and equipment, maintaining warranties and ensuring proper installation.

3. All materials, equipment, and components must be new and of good quality.

4. The builder is responsible for verifying all dimensions and details, adjusting for local conditions and material selections.

5. The builder must arrange and pay for all necessary tests, inspections, and permits, delivering a Certificate of Occupancy upon completion.

6. Plumbing and electrical work must be performed by licensed contractors, who must submit all required documentation to the Owner


7. The builder must verify all dimensions and conditions before starting work, using the Plans for reference only.

8. All work is guaranteed for a minimum of one year after final approval, with all defects to be repaired at the contractor's expense.


Section3300, LLC does not endorse any materials or manufacturers mentioned in the Plans. Selection and installation of materials are the responsibility of the homeowner and/or builder. Section3300, LLC shall not be held liable for any errors, omissions, or deficiencies by any party.

This Agreement sets forth the entire understanding between Section3300, LLC and the Licensee regarding the Plans. It is binding upon receipt of the Plans by the Licensee, indicating their agreement to these terms. 

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